Using the Aqualift

How to use the Aqualift

  • Comfortable padded seat making it easy to transfer safely in and out of the bath
  • Easily accessible waterproof hand control taking you in and out of the bath at the touch of a button
  • Fold-away belt with unique washable anti-slip cushion helping you to reach the bottom of your bath with comfort and safety
  • Rechargeable battery-pack

Step 1STEP 1:
Sit on the transfer seat, facing away from your bath

Step 2STEP 2:
Holding the handrail, swing your legs over the bath side and into the bath

Step 3STEP 3:
Move onto the slip cushion and lower yourself down using the handset

Step 4STEP 4:
Continue lowering until you reach the bottom of the bath

Step 5STEP 5:
Lie back gently in the bath and enjoy a pleasurable experience

Click on the image above to view the product video.